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IAC Clinical Services

Three types of visits provided by our staff of professionals include the following services:

Pre-adoption Visit

Medical record review
Videotape review
Counseling of parents
Education about country of origin and common health problems
Child and family travel preparation
Referrals to the International Travel Clinic
Medical travel kit
Referrals to support groups
Arrangements for evaluation on arrival

Post-adoption Visit

Care will depend on the health of the child and services provided by the family's pediatrician. Timing of visits will also depend on the child's health on arrival to U.S. Our services include:

Liaison with primary care physician
Diagnosis and management assistance for acute problems, including screening laboratory studies
Evaluations of developmental and psychological issues
Surgical and psychological referrals as indicated

Post-Adoption Assessment Handout

Follow-up Visits

These visits will focus on problems identified during the first post-adoption visit or by parents, pediatricians or teachers. In most cases, long-term follow-up will be referred to subspecialists. Problems include:

Developmental delays
Speech and language problems
Surgically correctable anomalies
Psychosocial or chronic medical disorders.

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